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      • Hydrophile Aluminium Foil

        Hydrophile Aluminium Foil

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          Zhenjiang Yinhai Aluminium Co.,Ltd is a aluminium material processing enterprise. It is located in J...
      • Aluminium Coils

        Aluminium Coils

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          used in heat preservation of architectural
      • aluminium foil used in air conditioner

        aluminium foil used in air conditioner

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          aluminium foil used in air conditioner thickness: 0.08—0.3   main alloy: 1100Hx 1100—0 80...
      • Patterned Aluminium

        Patterned Aluminium

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          Patterned Aluminium Plate is widely ued in refrigeratory, solar baffle-board and etc.
      • aluminium tamping board

        aluminium tamping board

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          shape:V35-125-750   YX210-25-840. thickness :0.5--1.5* length unlimited
      • aluminium,aluminium alloy veneer

        aluminium,aluminium alloy veneer

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          various kinds of civil&industrial aluminium  specification:0.02—4.0*25—1300*
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